It's that time of year again.  Everybodys' mind is turning to flu early, with late vaccine delivery, different vaccines for different groups there's more to think about this year.  Luckily the PrimaryCareIT team have been beavering away and produced a whole series of tools to make your flu season easier to administer and run, we've released these earlier than usual to give you more time to plan your campaign.  These include:

  • Searches that integrate with MJOG/Docmail, print PSDs and identify those patients who had vaccines elsewhere and may need chasing as a priority
  • Protocols that allow your flu days or clinics to run smoothly - being able to be adapted to cope with fluenz, influenza, shingles, pneumonia, dementia screening, smoking status and also dealing with allergies and risks for allergies
  • Protocols to correct incorrect codes entered
  • Eligibility checker for your reception team to see if patients are eligible for influenza vaccination
  • Flags for your admin team when they come into contact with patients who have previously declined influenza vaccination so they can opportunistically provide advice on the benefits of vaccination but also decline it if it is not wanted.

And best of all, it's all FREE!  Subscribers to our package will have this installed on their systems automatically.  Non-subscribers can access the tools by filling in their details below, following which we will send them an email with the needed tools.

Use our amazing searches to optimise your flu jab campaigns.  Once you've followed our simple instructions you'll be able to search on:

  • Patients who had vaccines elsewhere last year - so you can prioritise chasing them
  • Your patients who are housebound
  • Sort out who has or hasn't got an appointment booked
  • Who declined it previously 
  • A number of quality and safety searches as well

All integrated with Docmail and MJOG.  You can also print out and code PSDs (also recording them in patients' records)

This is the protocol to end all protocols for dealing with everything you might want to during a valuable health promotional window.  There are modules for:

  • Fluenz
  • Influenza vaccination
  • Smoking status update
  • Dementia screening
  • Shingles eligibility
  • Pneumonia eligibility
  • AF screening

Our guide will direct you how to set this up, and also how to adapt it so it suits your needs best.

Your administration team can use our eligibility checker to ascertain whether a patient is eligible to have the influenza vaccination.  You can set this up to trigger when booking into flu jab clinics to make sure you are targetting your highest risk patients.

Use our protocols to make sure that all codes entered during the influenza vaccination season are the correct codes.  Save yourself time and effort using searches later by making sure your clinicians use the right codes first time.