A new way to manage your patients 

PrimaryCare IT has been working hard on a new integrated pathway within EMIS Web for patients with hypertension. This means that every time a patient’s blood pressure is entered on EMIS Web the level is checked against our internal concepts. In this shutterstock 115794889 2way, we ascertain whether the patient has existing hypertension, has co-existent diabetes or CKD and then looks at their age in order to guide treatment to the appropriate targets according to NICE and QOF. Once the protocol has identified where the patient whose blood pressure you have entered sits, it gives the user appropriate information on the suggested management based on NICE guidelines. The information is tailored to the type of user, with doctors receiving different prompts to nurses, to HCAs, all of which can be adapted to the way your Practice organises itself. We have integrated self care pathways for patients within the system and you can choose whether to be prompted to assess the patient in front of you for self management and then automatically print the relevant documents for that patient’s self management.

Why focus on hypertension?

Increased blood pressure is the leading risk factor for premature death, stroke and heart disease worldwide.  The global economic burden of increased blood pressure was  estimated to consume US$370 billion worldwide and 10% of healthcare expenditures. Certainly with regard to the main consequences – coronary heart disease and stroke – it has been calculated that total costs are equivalent to about £7.06bn for coronary heart disease, and £5.77bn for stroke in the UK alone. 

On the basis of clinical and population research, increased blood pressure, hypertension and hypertension-related complications are largely preventable. Lifestyle changes can lower blood pressure and prevent hypertension while antihypertensive drug therapy can effectively reduce the cardiovascular events attributed to hypertension. Nevertheless, most people with hypertension are not effectively treated and controlled to the recommended blood pressure targets 

shutterstock 246298618 2What will this mean for my practice?

We will work with you to understand how your Practice manages patients currently and to make sure that our pathways integrate smoothly and cause minimal interruption whilst ensuring that prompts remind users of treatment targets and the need to move towards diagnosis. Through extensive testing we are confident our standard protocols represent a good balance, but we are able to adapt for individual practices needs. Patients that are suitable will be enrolled on the self management pathway, reducing the need for clinical appointment availability within your practice.  We will sign a confidentiality agreement with your practice and then install the protocols on your system. Initial anonymised data searches will be undertaken to allow us to judge the effectiveness of the project and feedback will be given to practices on patients they have who may have undiagnosed hypertension.

Any concerns?

Contact our team to discuss: queries@primarycareit.co.uk