Streamline your management, saving appointments  

PrimaryCare IT has been working hard on a new integrated pathway within EMIS Web for patients with hypothyroidism. This means that for every time a TSH arrives within EMIS Web the level is analysed against our internal concepts. In this way, we shutterstock 302184272ascertain whether the patient has existing hypothyroidism, and then looks at their TSH in order to guide treatment. If a TSH received is out of treatment range it gives the user appropriate information on current and previous TSH readings.  It then asks the user if they want to increase or decreased medication and it goes on to produce a letter which can be sent to patients with any new prescription generated, giving them detailed instructions on the changes and a plan for follow up; saving the need for an appointment.

Why focus on hypothyroidism?

3.5% of the population suffer from hypothyroidism.  For a practice of 10,000 patients this will equate to at least 350 appointments (many more if patients are not on stable dosages).  If all of these patients were able to be remotely managed by a detailed management plan, created when a test result is received at least 27,000 appointments could be saved annually within UK general practice.

shutterstock 361516235What will this mean for my practice? 

We will work with you to understand how your practice manages patients currently and make sure that our pathways integrate smoothly and cause minimal interruption whilst ensuring that prompts remind users of treatment targets and the need to move towards diagnosis.  We will sign a confidentiality agreement with your practice and then install the protocols on your system. Initial anonymised data searches will be undertaken to allow us to judge the effectiveness of the project and feedback will be given to practices. 

Any questions?

Contact our team to discuss on queries@primarycareit.co.uk