Welcome to the home of all thing EMIS Web!

Primary Care Pathways is part of the PrimaryCare IT group.  We are innovators within the Primary Care arena.  We have particular experience of working with EMIS Web to develop a range of exciting new ways of optimising efficiencies within primary care.  These will be of interest to individual GP surgeries and commissioners alike as a way of

  • streamlining workload
  • releasing clinician time to become more efficient
  • standardising care in line with NICE quality standards
  • Standardising data entry

Our work is updated regularly to ensure that new guidelines and emerging evidence is taken into account and communicated efficiently.  For simplicity we offer only one package at a subscription rate dependant on registered numbers of patients.  This includes:

  • OneTemplate
  • Handy EMIS Web tools
  • One Clincial pathway